Integrated, Free Video Conferencing

conferencing has become an essential part of daily business
communications. Whether its to catch up with a team member who is
travelling or to give a sales presentation, no one can argue that its a
means of communicating that has become a part of the norm. 3CX’s
integrated video conferencing is easy to use and enables businesses to
save time and money by hosting virtual meetings, whilst enjoying the
benefits of face-to-face communication.

Video conferences can be easily launched through the 3CX web client
with a few mouse-clicks and can be used for a wide variety of everyday
communication needs to boost productivity and efficiency.

Hassle-Free Video Conferencing with WebRTC

3CX harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology,
which enables high-quality video and voice communications to take place
through your Web browser. Participants will be able to seamlessly join
meetings without the need to download any additional software or
plug-ins, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers
and employees.

  • Clientless
  • One-Click conference
  • Interoperability with VoIP and video
  • Bandwidth management and control
Chat Not Enough? Elevate to a Call

Whether a small business
or large enterprise, companies of all sizes can now take advantage of 
video conferencing as an advanced real-time collaboration and online
meeting tool. Avoid paying a monthly subscription fee for each user and
implement open standard peripheral hardware for an inexpensive solution.
Unlimited users means inefficient and unprofessional account sharing is

  • Pricing based on the number of participants, no per user licensing
  • Unlimited users no matter which package you choose
  • No per month costs, just one low, yearly payment
  • Integrated with 3CX – free for up to 250 participants
Superior Call Center Features Included

3CX’s video conferencing
is feature-rich and user friendly. Participants can enjoy video
communication without the need to login anywhere and easy setup of
ad-hoc meetings makes launching conferences ever so easy for both
participants and organizers – employees can even use their mobile
devices to join meetings.

  • Plugin & download free video conferencing
  • Remote control and screen sharing for quick & easy troubleshooting
  • Pre-upload PowerPoints & PDFs for crisp, responsive delivery
  • Easy to use polling tool for feedback

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